November 13, 2008

Grandma helps make things more festive...

Growing up with my grandparents close by, was awesome! Every holiday we would do a number of arts and crafts. We would paint ceramics, make pipe cleaner wreaths, create witches with readers digests painted black and many other fun activities. I loved what it meant to prepare for the holidays.
My mom has carried on the tradition of arts and crafts with her grand kids. (My cousin Cass, has also continued to this tradition).
This Halloween the kids all got together and made monsters. I was lucky enough to get to do one too.
This year, grandma also made nightgowns for the girls and pj pants for the boys. The girls love them. Ivy asked for a pocket, so the girls each got pockets with cute spiders- made by grandma and stuffed by the girls.

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~Nikki said...

I always love your pictures!!!