December 4, 2008

I'm such a rule follower...

A couple of weekends ago, Melissa and I (and Kat and Jon) went to Coldplay. First off, I have to say it was a FANTASTIC concert. I want to go again. Only the next time I go there are a few things I will do differently....

1. I will bring my camera despite the warning on the ticket that says "No Cameras or recording devices"
2. I will bring my camera despite the great big sign right outside of the Energy Solutions Arena that says "No Cameras"
3. I will buy my tickets sooner, because I did not know that there were seats in the Energy Solutions Arena as high up as we were
4. I will not take pictures with my camera because the zoom sucks and when you zoom, the quality gets even worse

So, here are the crappy pictures of the best concert I've been to. (I can say that because I have not been to U2).

We had to end the night with a picture of us. Even with my crappy camera phone. Ugh, I even tried to clean the lens in the middle of the concert. It didn't make much difference.
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Vanessa said...

I wish I were there. Seeing you at a concert makes me miss you!

Katie Blatter said...

I don't know about that whole U2 thing but, you obviously haven't been to see The Dave Matthews Band yet, and if you have, Shame on you for not saying that THEY are the best! :)