December 7, 2008

Scott's Work Party...

Forgive me for the yellowness of the pictures. I'm still learning. :)
For Scott's work party, his boss rented space at Noah's in Pleasant Grove. Wow- what a neat place. We had a room that had a great big couch, a 90 inch screen and a pool table. We brought XBox and the Wii. We played RockBand and nearly everyone gave an instrument a try, but very few would give the singing a shot. It was a very fun night. Thanks Rich!
Rich's wife, Becki, makes the BEST cookies I have every tried. My favorites were oatmeal-coconut-raisin-chocolate chip. Oh my they were fantastic. I really need the recipe, but then if they don't turn out nearly as well as hers, I'll be depressed.

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