December 29, 2008

Snow Day!!!!

On the 22nd of December, Utah County got hit by quite the snowstorm. As I was in Draper, like nearly every day of the week, the clouds broke and there were pieces of blue sky. My car get sprinkled on now and then, but when I walked out to get in my car, it was dry. During my drive home, there was a light snow fall. Nothing to worry about too much. As I got closer to the point of the mountain, the roads got slushier and the sky got more grey. Once I got to my exit, the snow was falling hard and the roads were a mess. Driving up to my neighborhood, the snow fall stopped but the mess remained. On the day that I had a dry car in Salt Lake, my sweet family in Utah County stayed inside by the fire while 8 inches of snow covered our neighborhood.
The girls bundled up and Scott got in his snow blowing gear, and they all went out to play. Miss Kim stuck around to play with the girls and I snapped a few pictures. (I'm trying really hard to use manual settings, but Scott has pointed out that I should just stay in Auto mode when I really want all of the pictures to work).
Jade loved the snow and couldn't get enough of it. Ivy only stayed out for a while and didn't want to get too covered with snow. She was ready to come in with a cup full of snow to eat, while Jade played outside. It took Scott 45 minutes to clear the driveway, the road by our driveway and the sidewalks.

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