December 20, 2008

Ivy and bedtime...

Last night, Ivy was getting a little on edge. We asked her if it was bed time. The next thing I hear is, "Mom, I need you." I asked her what she needed and to come see me in the office. "I just need you." Again I told her to come into the office. Then she said, "I can't. I'm in bed and I need you to go and get me a bottle." (I know, she's three and still taking a bottle- I'm not the best mom). So, I went in and gave her a big kiss. Scott got her a bottle and she went to sleep.

Tonight, she and Jade wanted to watch a show and cuddle on the couch. She asked for her bottle, cuddled in and she's sound asleep by 7:30.

Guess we'll let her govern her own bedtime.

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melissa said...

Hey Amy,
You have a beautiful family. It was great to catch up on things. Looks like we have the same sized kids, but mine are all boy while yours are of the girl variety. Best wishes! M