October 6, 2009

Boys Night Out is different than family boating...

Some nights the girls can't join Scott on the boat so he goes out with the boys. Boys Night is very different than when the family goes out. Scott and his friends get to try different tricks and use the equipment in creative ways. They have surfed with a wake board rope and tried to jump the wake. They've (Scott) has used the surf board to get up to barefoot. Together they learned how to surf correctly- without the rope. (I don't see me trying that).
They've had some great nights out there. It's too bad that the days are getting shorter and the lake is getting colder. It's a great time for Scott and for his friends that have joined him.
PS- all of the shots are taken by his friends. Each trip they have come home with over 500 images and everyone has fallen in love with my Nikon. Their wives may want to start asking for one, now that their husbands have seen the light. Of course, in addition to a DSLR, they'll also need to ask for additional hard drive space- internal or external. Seriously 500 pictures in just a few hours!

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