October 25, 2009

Crazy Hair Day!

I love Red Ribbon Week at Renaissance. I love that Jade has so much fun doing every day's theme.

Monday was Performance Dress Day with Red Ribbons. (Jade missed that one because she had a fever all weekend).
Tuesday was Inside Out Day. She couldn't believe that there were kids that didn't participate.
Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day. As you can tell she really got into that. We put a cup under her ponytail and we have some "Bratz" hair color that washes out with water.
Thursday was Mismatch Day and they didn't have to wear uniforms. She wore jeans, a flowered skirt, a long sleeved shirt and a tank top over it. Jade thought it was a blast getting to wear crazy clothes.
Friday was All Dressed in Red Day. She has been looking forward to wearing her cozy red sweatsuit all week.

It's crazy to think about the theme days we had when I was in school. We had 50's Day, Pajama Day, Backwards Day and as I got older we added Hippie Day. Maybe we should bring theme days into the office. It might be a lot of fun- the closest we have is Halloween in the office and that is pretty fun too.
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