October 4, 2009

Our Conference Sunday project...

I love General Conference. I love getting to hear the words and counsel of the Lord's servants. I love making a special breakfast and gathering the girls to listen to the Prophet of the Lord speak. I love when the Mormon Tabernacle sings and Ivy asks if they are from our church. I love picking a task that will keep the girls quiet and in the family room listening.
This fall, the girls made tutus. They were really easy and fun to make. The only downside is that they didn't even take as long as the morning session. But, the girls love them and Jade has been wearing hers ever since we finished them. Both girls adorned themselves with eyeshadow and lipstick.

I remember Conference Sundays when I was little. We would gather in the family room to watch our church leaders share their testimonies and give us guidance. One of the memories I have of every conference is of painting our toe nails and finger nails. Isn't that funny? But we always did it. I also remember doing cross stitch and crocheting around the edges of towels. As we got older, we would take notes in our journals of the things said that impressed us.
***Conference is a special time for Mormons. It happens twice a year and there are 5 sessions that are each 2 hours long. There are 3 sessions on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Our prophet and leader, President Thomas S Monson addresses us, as do others that have been asked and invited to serve along side of President Monson. During these meetings we learn about the things that we need to focus on and be reminded of. It is also a time when we learn of the progress the church is making and the announcements of temples that will be built.
To learn more, please visit www.lds.org.

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