October 29, 2009

Smart Cookie...

Apparently I am a sucker for a good cookie. A dear friend of mine introduced me to Smart Cookies. I'm in love.
The other day I took the girls and Miss Kim to top off our pizza with a sweet treat. The girls both got ice cream and we loaded up on different cookies. The sugar cookies are soft and yummy. There are several different frosting flavors that are all really good. I love that you are not limited to sugar cookies- they have a wonderful selection of milk chocolate chip cookies and semi sweet chocolate cookies with toffee bits, with oatmeal, with nuts -- so many yummy choices.
The girls loved the decor and spent the whole time trying to guess who was in the photographs on the wall. Smart Jade even knew who Amelia Earhart was.

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Erin said...

I'll give you a token of love. I have love for you and Smart cookies!