March 24, 2010

Belly Dancing

Guess what time it is again? Belly Dancing Time!!! We have our performance at the Covey Center. I'm really excited but this time the dance doesn't seem as hard- or maybe I've just gotten better. No, I'm pretty sure the dance is easier. No cymbals. I'm also bummed that the class is SO big. I've met some fun women, but I really enjoyed last semesters small class.
This dance is to really fun music and all of the moves are with the whole group. Which is nice, in case I forget, it's much easier to be reminded when everyone is doing the same thing.
My favorite part about taking belly dancing is that I get to hang out with my cousin every Tuesday. See, my cousin is awesome. She is fun and she makes me laugh. Plus, I love getting to see and hear about her new projects. (She just made a really cool belly dancing skirt. It is amazing!)

Aren't we so cool with our 18 armed goddess?


Jenners said...

Oh! I just love it! I love your 18-armed goddess! I love the skirts! I love that you do belly dancing! I love that you will perform in public! Hat's off to you!!!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

You are super cool with the 18 arm goddess!!

I find belly dancing fascinating, but am to self-conscious to try it. One of my best friends took a class at the local community college and LOVED it!!

Have a blast at your performance!