March 17, 2010

I thought it was Spring- I was wrong

8 am on a Friday morning when there was no school, our girls woke up and begged to put on their snow clothes. At first, I was hesitant (mostly because I didn't want to go out) but then Scott said he had to clear the walks and they were welcome to come out and play. So we all got bundled up, I grabbed the camera and we were off to enjoy a romp in the snow before breakfast.
Kim arrived while we were headed out. She got bundled up and helped us enjoy the spring snow storm.
Ivy was most excited that it was new and clean snow that she could eat. Jade was most excited that it was sticky enough to build a snowman.

By the afternoon, most of the snow had melted and the snowman had crashed to the ground. I'm glad we were able to break away from our normal Friday mornings to enjoy a little bit of time with our girls. It was kind of a "seize the moment" moment.

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Jenners said...

I'm so done with snow. If we had a surprise spring snow storm, I think I'd lose it ... especially now that the daffodils are blooming and we've gotten a taste of warm weather!