March 8, 2010

She scored a 34.15...

...which means, she's qualified. I'm not sure what she's qualified for because she's Pre-Team Level 3 and you don't travel until Level 4, but CONGRATS!
I was so proud of her this meet. She improved all but one of her scores (which she dropped only .05 on). I'm excited to see how she improves in the next meet. She is really focusing and trying hard to point her toes and keep her legs straight. All of her focus is starting to pay off.

This grin is one of my favorite things about her getting to do gymnastics. She really was having a wonderful meet.
***First thing in the morning, Jade says, "Mom, do I have a meet today?"
My answer was a quick "nope" and I didn't bother to go check.
At 2:15 I get a call from the gym saying, "Coach MaKenna was wondering if Jade was going to be at the meet today."
"What? There's a meet?"
"Yes, the gymnasts were suppose to be here at 2."
"Oh goodness, yes I'll get her down there right away."
We ran around the house getting her all ready- leo on, hair pulled up, sweat suit on and we were out the door. (No make-up on me and my hair pulled up in a dirty pony tail). We left Scott to finish cleaning the cars and get the house ready for our friends that were coming that evening.
We got there at 2:45- in time to warm up on the bars only.
Even with the rush to get there, she still pulled it off and really focused on the meet. Our JadyBug is growing up!!


Catherine Wiggins said...

Congrats to Jade! Good job!

Kat said...

Such pretty straight legs and pointed toes!