June 11, 2010

Dance Festival - Aztec Dance

Jade's school does a great dance festival.  I have loved it both years she has been there.  They do an around the world theme.  So, each class does a dance from some region in the world.  There was a ninja dance, a Brazilian dance, a Jewish dance and for the first graders, there was an Aztec dance.  (Last year the kindergarten class did the Chicken Dance).

Really, does the tongue have to be out on every picture when she is concentrating?
Jade did an adorable job, really knew the dance and pretty much got into it.

This is Gabby.  She is one of Jade's best friends.  If you ask Jade, she'll say she's her "BFFFFFFF" I think she's missing that the B and F actually stand for something and that "BBBBBBBF" actually makes more sense.

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