June 1, 2010

Field Trip to the Ogden Dino Park

I love when I get to take a day off and go with Jade on a field trip.  This last field trip was "AWESOME" (according to Jade) and I have to agree.  Although the rain SUCKED.

If you get a chance to go to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, you should totally take it.  They have done a great job and the staff is very kind and helpful.

The kids did a scavenger hunt and had to find different dinosaurs.  There was a presentation by a sweet couple that helps clean the bones once they are discovered and brought to the museum.  Plus it was just a fun time to get to play with friends.

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jen said...

Do you have any idea how many times I've driven from SLC to southern ID and never stopped at the dino park? Looks like it's time. This summer!