June 14, 2010

May 22, 2010 - Meet #2

We really pack a lot into the last week and a half of school.  How on earth she does it is beyond me.  But, she does it and she loves it.

Jade did really well in this meet.  She still has a lot of work she needs to do on the floor and she was very disappointed in her score.  (I'm not sure how we get her not to focus on her score when she needs a certain score to advance to the next class (which she already accomplished).  Oh well.  It is Jade and she is competitive.  So, we'll let her worry about her scores and see how she does with it.  If she starts stressing out too much, we'll have to have a talk. :)

Her scores were...
 Vault 8.9 (and that would be because she forgot to salute the judge - again).
Bars 9.65 (she was really excited about that score).
Beam 9.5 (another score she was thrilled about).
Floor 8.55 (an improvement but not high enough for her to smile about).

She needed to get a 34 to advance to Level 4 Pre-team.

I have a feeling next year we probably won't be quite as lucky as we were this year on having no dance/gymnastic conflicts.  Fingers crossed it works out as smoothly as this year.

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