June 28, 2010

Jade's Dance Recital

Jade had a very busy night for her recital.  She had 3 company numbers, 1 technique number and her tumbling number.  
The technique class had a couple groups combined so it was a pretty big group.  I am not sure they had had many opportunities to practice with the whole group.  Jade and another girl collided and it totally distracted Jade for the rest of the number.  I felt badly because she had been doing such a great job and then pretty much just froze.
One of the things we've learned with Jade is that she is very easily distracted.  So, I am grateful that we have her in two things that force her to learn how to concentrate and recover quickly from distractions.
Jade had an absolute ball doing her gymnastics number.  This was the biggest she smiled the whole night.  Plus she got to do her round off back handspring.  That always excites her.

Over the past few months, Jade has really improved her company numbers.  She's not a "natural" dancer but she absolutely loves it.  And because she loves it, I'll continue to support her in it.

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jen said...

I love the sailor costumes. So cute. I too was not a born dancer. Unfortunately, my mom didn't support that lack of talent. So I still can't. Maybe there's hope for Jade!