June 21, 2010

Dress Rehearsal - Spring Recital

The girls love getting to perform.  I think it is their favorite part of dance.  Getting dressed up and being on the stage with the lights.  They absolutely LOVE it.

For the recital this year, the girls did the competition numbers plus they had a couple other classes that they had dance numbers for.  Jade had her Jazz Technique class and they dance to a Miley Cyrus number.  She also had her tumbling routine.  For that number, they all dressed up in 80's clothes.  It was very fun trying to find her clothes that looked like what I wore in my dance classes.

Ivy did a "bug dance" that was adorable.   Half of the girls wore ladybug outfits and the other half wore bumblebees costumes. They were so adorable and we are all set for Halloween.

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Amy said...

Oh how fun. I use to dance when I was younger. I can't wait until my little one gets older to do that.