September 25, 2010

ALASKA - fishing trip

This summer, Scott went on a "Boys Trip" to Alaska to go fishing.  The opportunity for this trip came up because our friend's mom owns a fishing lodge up in Alaska.  Her parents keep inviting her to go up but it's a big trip with 5 kids and an even bigger trip if you don't like to fly.  So, Scott threw it out there to do it as a guys trip.  The idea quickly grew into a reality.

Next thing I knew, a group was put together and flights were booked.  We started shopping for fishing clothes and a waterproof backpack.  And I loaded him up with treats.  A week and a half after the Fourth of July, they were on their way.

They had a great time and he took some amazing photographs.  Heather's mom did a great job of hosting them and fed them more food than they could eat in a month.

Unfortunately, the didn't have much luck catching the halibut they had hoped.  They caught a lot of crab and feasted on it nearly every night.

I'm so glad they got to do this trip but I really missed having Scott around and I don't know how thrilled I'd be if every year included a "Boys Trip".  But I'm definitely glad he got to do this trip.

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