September 18, 2010

Days of 47 Parade Display

Last year, Miss Kim let us know about a really cool display that happens every July.  See, in Utah we celebrate the birth of our state on July 24th with a huge parade and fireworks.  We've never gone to the parade and I don't record it on TV, but it is pretty fantastic and the floats are worth seeing.  For 1 week prior to the parade all of the floats are on display.

So, last year the kids all went while I was at work.  This year, I decided that I wanted to go so we waited and went after work.  The biggest challenge was keeping the kids from begging for balloons or face paint.  The kids won the battle though and Grandma splurged and got them all balloon animals.  Then, to everyone's surprise, they learned that I know how to make balloon animals and that it really isn't very hard.

I love this picture.  It reminds me a bit of the Beatles album cover.  I probably should have cropped it short and long. :)

Looking foward to seeing the floats again next year.

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