September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma and Jenny

Summer is filled with many birthdays and lots of reasons for the family to gather. My parents both have a birthday in July, my cousin's wife's birthday is in July and there are 3 of my cousins' kids' with birthdays in July.  We'll get together and do group parties, for the sake of time.  The oldest gets to pick the dessert.

My mom loves Pavlova.  It is a bit of a tradition that we have individual pavlova's for her birthday.  Unfortunately I had a few problems while making them and ended up making a not-so-pretty-trifle and only a few pretty individual treats.  (But, all those that ate the not-so-pretty-trifle actually thought that it was a bit better).

Whenever I'm around Pete and Jenny's adorable little babies, I have to take at least one picture that shows their personality.  This is little Axel who has an adorable big brother named Anchor.

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