November 22, 2010

First Day of School

I LOVE the first day of school.  I love doing the before school photo shoot because both girls are excited and ready for their first day.  I can't believe that Jade is in 2nd grade already.  I want my life with the girls to SLOW down but I want my time at work to SPEED up.  I wish there was a way to make that happen.

Have I mentioned before that I absolutely adore uniforms?  It is fun that they can express some of their own style but that everyone looks like they are from the same economical and social background.  You can't tell the kids that spend a fortune on their clothes from the kids that are wearing 3rd degree hand-me-downs.

Jade had an "awesome" first day.  She made a new friend and she decided to do Arabic instead of Spanish.  (Despite me telling her teacher she was going to do Spanish).  I'm actually okay with her switching and going after something that she really wants to do.  And I'm okay with her wanting to be with one of her close friends.

After Jade left to school, I took a quick picture with my little Ivy since she didn't start school that day.

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