November 13, 2010

Golfing with Grandpa

As part of Peach Days, I have been helping Grandma Janet teach the candidates for Peach Queen royalty with their walks.   It is a lot of fun to do and it takes me back to when I used to teach classes for one of the local modeling agencies.  I loved doing it then and it is just as much fun now.

One of the fun things about me needing to go up north is that the girls get to spend time with Grandpa Bob.  This year they got go miniature golfing with Scott and Grandpa.  Ivy was not a natural - I'm guessing that isn't really much of a surprise.  Jade, on the other hand kind of gets it.

Thank you Grandpa for meeting the kids and playing.  They had a great time.  (Oh and the other benefit of heading up north is getting to go to Maddox).

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