November 14, 2010

Stewart Falls - Sundance

I love hiking.  It is something that I grew up doing, and loving.  My girls have gone on a few hikes over the years, but we always end up carrying Ivy part of the way. That has meant that we have not done a lot of hikes.

It has been two years now since I broke my foot. I decided that it had been long enough since my accident and it was time to take the girls hiking.  Plus, Ivy is old enough now that she should be able to do a simple hike without being carried.

Kat and I decided that Stewart Falls was an easy enough hike to start out with. We put Zachary in our Kelty backpack and had a great hike.  (Z didn't LOVE the pack but he got used to it and did pretty well).  Ivy walked the WHOLE way even though she wasn't fast by any means.

They loved the waterfall and everyone (but Z) asked to go on another hike soon.

I can't wait to do more hikes with them.

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