April 19, 2008

Getting to go to the park makes every day better

To wrap up the most fun week ever, the girls got to go to the park. Jade always has a blast at the park and managed to find some boys to play tag with. Ivy, she loves the park, don't get me wrong, but Jade's carefree-ness, Ivy does not have. The only way Kim could get her to go down the slide was with her. Goofy girl. The three girls (Kim counts as one of them), had a picnic and played so hard that all three of them slept well Friday night. (At least Kim said she would).

I loved when they came home because Jade and Ivy both smelled like sunscreen, grass and sweat. Now if we could have thrown in salt from the ocean and they would have smelled like my perfect summer day!

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Kat said...

I love all the fun the girls had last week. Great pictures.:)

Also, I tagged you. Go to my blog for the list. I know you're so excited but it's pretty short!