April 28, 2008

The Mound of Rocks is so much work

I am really lucky to be married to a smart handy man. On top of our large mound of rocks, we have a patio. We thought we gave it plenty of time to sink before we had the cement laid. Well, we were wrong! There was a good 2-3 inches of nothing between the dirt and the cement. So, Scott and Jon spent several hours on Saturday shoving dirt under the cement. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing so hard on Saturday that they couldn't finish his big project. He needed to come up with a drainage system so that we don't continue having the same problem. He figured out a really cool way to do it. Below are some pictures that show how he is doing it. Ivy was thrilled to help.

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Lorelie Andrus said...

You've made a lot of progress in a little time. Kudos to Scott for solving the drainage problem and to Jon for lending some extra muscle.
I love that you're already seeing the yard for what it's going to become! The girls faces clearly show how they feel about their new yard.
Good job!