April 11, 2008

Jade's Surgery

Jade did remarkably well for her surgery. She was happy the whole time we were waiting. She was cute with all of the nurses and she was nice to the doctors. I'm not sure I'm always so friendly when I'm getting ready to be put to sleep. The stress may get to me a little more than it got to her. She was all smiles.

They wheeled her off in a buggy when it was time to go back. This very young doctor was the Dr Meyer, the anesthesiologist. He was very kind and said they would probably just do a gas mask. Sadly, they ended up having to do an IV after all.

After her surgery she was in a lot of pain. They gave her Tylenol with Codeine and it didn't help a ton. I think the numbness and the swelling was really bothering her. Once she had ice cream at Baskin Robbins, she said it felt much better. Funny thing about our little girl, the anesthetic wore off as soon as they turned off the medicine. She was seriously awake within 5 minutes of the doctor coming to tell us she was out of surgery and that it all went well. During the day she had 3 doses of her Tylenol with Codeine and she never took a single nap.

She's feeling great and looking forward to gymnastics today. Fast recovery!
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