April 28, 2008

Work in Progress

Scott and I took the day off and nearly completed the front yard. (Okay, so I still ended up working some). We leveled out the flower beds and put in new top soil. We planted some burning bushes, barberry and gerberer daisies. Scott planted a Japanese maple and an Autumn Blaze maple. The yard needs to grow up- a lot, but I'm really excited about how it's going to look.

This evening we planted some pansies and the Susan Magnolia. I'm so excited about the Magnolia. They are my favorite! We had one right off the patio in Louisville. It had beautiful white blossoms. This one will have dark purple blossoms. Scott's looking forward to us getting more color.

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Kat said...

It looks SO good, I can't wait to have a yard even if it's young like yours.