April 5, 2008

Solemn Assembly

Today I had both girls watch the solemn assembly. Since it has only happened 15 times in the history of the church, I felt it was important that they participate in it- even at 2 years old.

The meeting began with announcing President Monson as the new prophet. Jade turned to me and said, "Mom, they made a mistake, it's President Hinkley." I guess she wasn't really paying attention when I explained to her how President Hinkley had died and that President Monson would be the new prophet. But, on the other hand, at least she was listening to conference to think they had made a mistake.

It was a very special moment to have Jade and Ivy stand up when they had the whole body of the church stand to sustain the new First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve. Jade raised her hand and I explained in her ear what she had just done. She sweetly just smiled.

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