April 29, 2008

When I have to travel for work...

I really try hard not to travel very often for my job. When I took this job 3 years ago, I was told there would be minimal travel. Then in September of 2006 I received a promotion. With that promotion, I was told I would have to travel more. Now, a year and a half later, it looks like I am traveling even more than expected. It's funny, because I have told my team "no" on multiple trips this quarter, so when Scott was commenting on how much I'm traveling, I was a bit surprised. But, I guess I really am traveling quite a bit. This week I'm in Raleigh. Next week, I'm in Orlando. The next week, I'm in Phoenix and two weeks later, I'm in Toronto.

It's really hard on me and the girls to have me traveling. I sometimes forget, it's hard on Scott too. So I thought I'd post a picture that may get a few questions, a few eye rolls and a few laughs.

Seven years ago, Scott and I got married. As some of you may know, I did not get an engagement diamond ring. Instead I got an engagement Raptor. We used to have so much fun on our weekend trips with "the boys". (Our nickname for Red (the Honda 400) and Blue (the Raptor)). Blue, seemed to have some carburetor issues. So, this picture is of me, jetting the carburetor. I post this picture, because it illustrates one of the MANY (heehee) reasons Scott fell in love with me. It also shows how much I am willing to be a princess that gets muddy, greasy and take risks because of and for him. Unfortunately at this time of our life, that willingness sometimes translates into traveling for work.

I'm sorry I have to travel, but I think of my three troopers at home, constantly.
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