December 30, 2008

Candy Cane Classic 2008

Jade is so cute all dressed up like a gymnast. She only let me put her hair up in one ponytail because of the cute hair accessory that they all have. She's not the most flexible, she's not the most focused, she's not the best, but she's my favorite. And, when it comes to climbing the rope, she's the strongest.

See, how high up on the rope she is? Yes, she touches the ceiling and then waves! It's funny that she can be fearless of the rope, but the balance beam and back handsprings scare her. I'm not going to be the one that tells her how much more she could get hurt if she fell off the rope than the beam.

Her team is pretty cute together. They are all between 4-6 years old. Jade isn't the oldest but she is the tallest. Which, is okay since we aren't doing this for her to be a competitive gymnast. When I was dancing, I always felt a little held back from my potential because I was too scared and completely unable to do anything like a back walkover or back handspring. My hope with Jade, is that she will have the ability and not have the fear so that she can do whatever she wants to do when she gets older. (I keep hoping she'll pick dance, but so far she's not interested).

Here she is with her 3rd Candy Cane Classic trophy. She has them nicely displayed in my room. (Although I have tried to get her to put them in her room, she thinks they look better in mine).


Anonymous said...

How darling! I just love your blog!

Kat said...

hey aunt kat is totally ok with her chosing gym! ;) what a sweetie and i LOVE that she displays her trophies in YOUR room!

Lorelie Andrus said...

Way to point those toes! I'm impressed that you could get such nice photos in a poorly lit interior setting. Jade looks great and she clearly enjoys her gym time! (Dancing can come later.)