March 14, 2009

Birthday Boy...

On Thursday the 12th, Scott celebrated his 38th birthday. He took a day off work and went snowmobiling with several friends. They went up past Heber and enjoyed some good, not great, snow. Scott and everyone else was hurting afterwards.
For Scott's birthday, the girls made him pictures of themselves with Scott. Then I got IKEA frames so that he can put them up in his office.
This picture was the first time Ivy has added a body to her pictures. Of course the hands are coming out of their heads. (We talked about it and asked her where her arms come out of on her body. She realized that they come out of her body. It was a very cute "ah-ha" moment).
Jade takes her art work very seriously. It's something that she is extremely proud of and enjoys doing. She is so meticulous and likes to draw everything she sees, dreams and makes up.

For Scott's birthday, we went to the Lehi Library Gala. Every year they do a fundraiser, but this is our first time going. They had the "Thrillionaires" and a catered meal. Of course there was NOTHING on the menu that fit in our diet, but we had small portions and enjoyed everything. The Thrillionaires are funny, but their kind of improv is not our favorite. They do a musical based on themes the audience yells out. Our favorite improv is the "Who's line is it anyone" format. But, that being said, they did an awesome job and were very funny. It was very fun to have a night out. Miss Kim babysat for us and Scott's parents, sister and brother-in-law joined us for the evening.

When we got home, Jade set the bar stools up around the stairs and put Scott's presents on the stairs for him to open. Apparently, the chair of honor was the stairs. Scott loved the pictures from the girls. I got him a pair of skinny jeans and I'm getting him an HD flip camera. What a lucky guy!

For his birthday treat, we went off our diet, but I was semi-conservative and got a little cake. I'll post more about the place where I got his cake in another post. But here's a picture of the Big Devil in white chocolate with cream cheese feeling. It was AMAZING. Very rich but a little slice was perfect.

We love you, Scott. Happy Birthday!


Tom said...

Happy Birthday Scott... it looks like a fun day but unless someone gets lost and it ia -5 degrees it can't be a great day.

Of course the cake looks amazing.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Scott!! Ok Amy, what is wrong with my blog? Hoalf of my friend links are wrong. They eithe don't have a little picture or they do and it is months old. How come when I add the address it says that it can't detect a URL feed? It is happening to private and non-private ones. HELP!!