March 3, 2009

Learning about the Temple...

When I was younger, we would get together with my cousins at least once a month for Sunday dinner. We gathered for birthdays and holidays. Now, we can go months without seeing them. It makes me very sad, but I guess everyone is just very busy.
A little over a week ago, we decided to gather. My uncle is a very wise man in the lessons of the gospel, so we got together for a Family Home Evening of sorts. The Draper Temple is currently open to visitors for an Open House. For many, if not all of the little kids, this is their first time getting to walk through a temple. So, we wanted to make sure they were prepared.
My mom did a very thoughtful lesson for the little kids and showed them pictures and talked about the sacred ordinances that take place inside the temple walls.
Then uncle shared with us the history of temples and tabernacles. It was a very thought provoking discussion and I greatly enjoyed hearing uncle speak to the family.
There were several members of the family not there, and here's a shout out to all of you that you were missed.

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