March 29, 2009

Fun at the Park...

Saturday was such a beautiful day we had to get out and play. After ballet we went to the park and ate lunch. I loved that they were both comfortable in short sleeves. Jade has so much fun climbing all over the jungle gym and going down the slides. Ivy, on the other hand, isn't so fond of slides or climbing. It is so wonderful having the girls be so different...

and yet, so similar. When they are on the swing, they both have a wonderful time and smile constantly. Jade wants to swing as high as she can and Ivy's happy with just a little enough to feel the wind.

After we played at the park we headed up to the Haag's. Rick, one of the guys that I work with decided to throw a party for his 6 year old daughter. Rick had set up a race course- only two of them rode their bikes and the rest of them ran. He had also spray painted lines for dodge ball. The kids LOVED playing dodge ball. Although, I will say, 6 is a little young - they don't quite understand that they need to throw the ball at the kids not on their team. Oh, well, they had fun anyway. Rick had awards for the winners, drinks and snacks for the kids. I'm glad we were invited and glad we were able to go.

I'm glad Jade made some new friends. She didn't want to leave when it was time. Ivy hung closely by my side the whole time and enjoyed a Twinkie.
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