March 5, 2009

Future BYU Gymnast?

Friday night was a very fun night for Jade. Her gymnastics team got to perform at the BYU gymnastics meet. It was so cute. Jade got very excited watching the gymnasts. It refreshed her interest in gymnastics. She kept saying, "That was awesome!"

I was very impressed with how well she did. She had been really sick with a fever and a nasty cough. The doctor said it was just a cold and gave her cough syrup. I tried to get Jade to cancel on the meet, but there was absolutely no way she would miss it. Any time we told her she could stay home she'd say no way. There were a couple times that she was upset about her leo, or her bow and we said that she should stay home. She quickly adjusted her attitude and was ready to go.
Ivy was a crack up during the meet. She took off her shoes, shook her little fanny and enjoyed her candy and root beer.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome that she gets to do so many performances. Did I miss the boat for Bella? Is it too late to start? It seems like gymnasts have to start early. Maybe Katie. Jade looks so professional!