March 2, 2009

My birthday

Saturday the 21st was my 37th birthday. I can't believe I am getting so old. But, I had a wonderful birthday.
Friday night, Scott and I went to Wise Guys Comedy club with some friends of ours. We were planning on going to just the 8:00 show but they let everyone stay for the 10:00 hypnotist show. We did. It was hilarious. It would have been more fun if someone from our group would have gone up, but oh well.
My parents kept the girls over night. In the morning I went and met Grandma and Ivy at her dance class. Jade hung out a little longer with Grandpa. We spent the morning and afternoon hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma's house.
After a while, Scott, Ivy and I went shopping. Jade wanted to stay longer. I bought a really cute pair of jeans and Scott got several really great shirts. (It was really fun that my jeans are 2 sizes smaller than I used to wear). I love this diet.
In the evening, Grandpa and Grandma came up for some Baked Cajun Shrimp and presents.

The girls have been so excited to give me their presents. They started working on them earlier that week with Miss Kim. They each got me a flower pot and painted them beautifully. Then they filled them with dirt and impatience flowers. I'm so excited for spring so that they can start growing. Aren't they so darn cute!?

Scott gave me a huge surprise. He always does a fantastic job on my birthdays. He alwys comes through with something that I've been wanting but wouldn't ever buy for myself. This year was no different. He got me a sewing machine. (The one on my lap is not the one he got me).

A few days after my birthday, we went over to Nuttall's in American Fork and checked out some brother sewing machines. We were looking at one from Costco and the other from Nuttall's. We went with the one from Nuttall's. It's a bit better machine, works with the Disney embroidary patterns, free classes on how to use my machine, an extra font, a USB connection and a hard carrying case.

Here is my machine...


Anonymous said...

What a great birthday! Your are obviously loved! What is this new diet?? (Like you need it!)

Unknown said...

Happy happy Birthday, cousin!! Wish I could have seen you guys over the weekend! Next time. xoxox

Amy said...

Happy - Happy Birthday!!!

The McConnell's said...

I used to have such a great memory - but it is shot now! I'm glad you had a great birthday! What kind of diet are you on?