March 18, 2009

Dippidee- yum!!!

Sharline and Amy are in TROUBLE. For the past 3 years, I have noticed the Dippidee sign whenever I would go to Costco or drove past the Del Taco. I've wondered what it was, and then I heard that it was really yummy and that there are women in the ward that frequent it, but I always thought that it must be really expensive and an indulgence I couldn't justify. Then on Wednesday, Amy brought a sugar cookie to the office for me and Sharlene to split. (OKAY OKAY- I know that a sugar cookie is not on my maintenance diet, but I counted those calories towards my allowed amount). That sugar cookie was so AMAZING. The butter cream frosting just melted in your mouth and so did the cookie.
So, because I am such an obsessive person, I had to go to their website and see where else they have been mentioned or reviewed. By doing this, I found that they have a blog and on this blog they feature a treat a week. Oh, but that's not the best part. When they mention it on the blog, you can go in and mention their blog and you get to buy one get one free. This week their treat was Lemon Cream Cheese Melt-Aways. Oh they are sooo good!
Jade and Luke split a Little Devil, Ivy got a mini chocolate cupcake while Harrison got the vanilla mini cupcake. They were so yummy!

I don't usually post about local businesses, but my last two posts have been. Hopefully you don't mind and go check out their blog- you'll be glad you did. (By the way, next birthday, I want the Big Devil in Devil's Food).


Amy said...

I only share my favorite places with my most favorite people! :)

Got to love those little devil's!

Kat said...

Maybe you'll be getting the chocolate devil for a certain event on may 5th. Don't know that I have ever given you an anniversary present!