March 19, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Several months ago, my sister put together a family outing for the Draper Temple Open House. She wasn't sure how every one's schedule was so she planned it for the 14th and hoped everyone would be available. My parents went to Hawaii, so they were not able to come with us. We met up at the stake center. I couldn't believe how big the crowd was. We were scheduled for 3:00. It was 4:00 before we even got in to the video portion. Then we waited in that room for about 15 minutes after the video until we boarded the bus. The little kids loved their first bus ride. The big kids listened to the guide and commented as he spoke about Temples. Finally we were into the temple.
The temple was beautiful. I loved the stone baseboards, the warm wood and the cream/tan coloring. I would love to do the same coloring in our bedroom. Maybe I'll consider those colors for my basement. It was so beautiful, calming and comforting.
Both of the girls favorite room was the sealing room, "where we will get married." While we were in the sealing room, a couple shared with us the importance of families being sealed for time and all eternity. In the sealing rooms, they have a mirror on each side of the room. When you look in one mirror, you can see forever and ever. This is symbolic of how our marriages are for eternity. The girls loved looking in the mirrors.
After the tour, we went over to the stake center by the temple for cookies and water. I was so shocked as I looked around. There were kids with stacks of 5-6 cookies each. I was so proud of our kids. Ivy only wanted 1 cookie and Jade and Luke each only wanted one. But, the cookies were really good.
I am so grateful that we have so many beautiful temples around us. I love that we can see temples any day that we want to . I'm so glad that the girls recognize a temple and understand that the temple is the House of God and a very sacred place on earth. I look forward to the day that we are sitting in a sealing room again, while each of them kneel together with their sweet husband and vow to be together for time and all eternity.
Sweet Jade, is so afraid of growing up. When I talked to her about one day getting married in the temple, she started to cry because it makes her so nervous to grow up. I told her that if she follows the teachings of the prophets, listens to her teachers in church and turns to her mom and dad for help, then there is nothing to be afraid of. I pray that she follows my advise and then I truly believe everything will turn out for her. She is a special little girl.
Thanks, Aunt Kat for putting together this activity. The temple was beautiful. The company was fantastic and the experience was perfect for a Saturday afternoon.

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That picture of you and Scott could be an engagement pic! You both look YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL! Did you get my text yesterday? W got our plane tickets!! We are really coming! Get your camera ready!!!