March 27, 2009

Tramps are too much fun...

We love warm Saturdays. Everyone got pink cheeks and had a blast. They were having a "camp out" on the tramp. All of them took out back packs and pillows. The kids wanted blankets but I didn't really want them taking that much stuff outside. During their "camp out" they drew, "napped" and had fruit snacks.
The little kids have a very hard time getting up on the tramp. They are just too short. Luckily, Jade is willing to play the role of step stool. Usually Ivy can do it on her own from Jade's back. On Saturday she was having a bit of a challenge. I'm not sure if she expected Lukie to do it all or what, but there was a lot of tugging and pulling to get her on.

Warm Saturdays are the best.


Tom said...

2 things that don't usually go together, backpacks and tramps... or wait, backpacks and tramps do go together, backpacks and trampolines do not. Looks like a great day

Lorelie Andrus said...

These are great photos. The kids are so resourceful when it comes to finding a way to get everybody on the tramp! Jade is very sweet to be the "foot stool". Cute, cute cousins!