September 6, 2009

Date night sunsets

The boat had to spend several nights in the shop for it's physical. She came through it, relatively well. At Utah Water Sports, they were amazed at the shape she was in for being 6 years old. There was one thing that was alarming- it has a right handed prop and it is a left handed boat. Scott could tell you what that means. I can't. Other than that, it was in pretty good condition- despite running hot spark plugs. Again, don't ask me what that means, but know that Scott will be more than happy to explain it if you have any questions.
The night after we got the boat back, we went on a date with it. Kat and Jon joined us while my mom lovingly took care of all 5 Utah based grand kids. The kids were way excited to spend the evening with Grandma and we were way excited to have a night on the boat without kids.
Here are some pictures of the sunsets on that beautiful night.


Kat said...

i have that last one as my background....superfun night!

Lorelie Andrus said...

The beautiful sunsets are
nother thing to love about living in Utah!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so when we move there are we going to get to come on a date with you guys???