September 28, 2009

Labor Day - Part 2

To finish off our Labor Day celebrations, my folks took all of us to Thanksgiving Point for their Labor Day Luau. Did you know that they do a Luau? It is really great and very well done. First they have a buffet of some really yummy food. The girls ate really well, of course Ivy loved the watermelon and Jade loved the meat. They both ate a ton.

After dinner we wondered around a bit and then there was a show put on by UVU's Legacy. It was very fun to watch. Jade loved it and was copying the dancers in her seat. Unfortunately we couldn't stay til the end, so Jade was crushed. We're on a quest to find when they are performing next so that she can see the whole show.

It was all wonderful, I have to be honest. As much as we enjoyed it and as great as it was- there were some definite items that could use some improvement.
1. The line was so long for the food but it moved very quickly. Unfortunately, they did not have enough drink stations or enough juice. We were not close to the end of the line, and all that was left was water.
2. The show was advertised as starting at 7:00 and that it would be an hour show. They were a half an hour late starting, and when we left at 8:30, they were referring to the second half of the show.
3. It didn't seem like the performers had run the show with the music and lights before. There were cut-offs mid song and delays.
4. The traffic guys were sending us through residential neighborhoods to get back to the freeway. There has to be an easier way to leave the Thanksgiving Point Amphitheater.
Overall, it was a wonderful night and a very fun day.

Thanks mom and dad for taking us, it was great.

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