September 12, 2009

The Purple Turtle

When I was little, my dad played softball with a team called the "Docs" and every time they played we'd go to the Purple Turtle on the way home. I'd always get a sherbet.
On Saturday, Jade was having a few discipline challenges- it happens, because she is six. She agreed to be really good all day, if we would reward her with Purple Turtle. So that is what we did. She was great, so we invited the Dodges to join us.
As we drove past the old rodeo grounds and baseball diamonds, (missed driving directly by it because of road construction), I pointed it out and shared some family history with my family. Although Scott isn't one to play in a local softball league, it's fun to share memories of my dad.

By the way, the food is still just as good. The kids loved their rootbeer freezes and Scott enjoyed his blackberry cheesecake shake. They've added really yummy sweet potato fries to their menu and I really liked mine.

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