September 23, 2009

Sunday up at Cascade Springs

Jade managed to get pretty sick during her third week of school. She had a fever for 6 days- which is normal for Ivy, but definitely not for Jade. We took her to the doctor and determined she had tonsillitis. They said to keep her home for the duration of the fever and an extra day after the fever broke. So, she was still fevering on Sunday, but she was feeling pretty good. That ended up being our day that we played hookie and went up to Daniel's Summit. Strawberry Reservoir was SO packed that there were NO good places to take our family pictures. On the drive home we decided to drive the Alpine Loop and stop off at Cascade Springs. (My parents almost did the same thing and would have arrived there at about the same time as us, but they changed their minds. We didn't know until hours after we came home.)

Cascade Springs used to be one of my places that I would escape to when I was mending a broken heart, struggling with the woes of being a college student or just needed a break after work at Sundance. I remember finding a bench and reading or doing homework for hours. This was my first visit since maybe 1996. It is still as beautiful as I remember it, but definitely more crowded.
We got a few pictures and headed home to give Jade more Ibuprofen.
It was a wonderful, relaxing and beautiful Sunday. Sometimes Sundays like this are just necessary.

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