September 1, 2009

Despite the grimace- I didn't get up

Look at me - in the water and being pulled by the boat! The only reason this actually happened, was because the water was so smooth, I felt it was a now or never for me to try the wake board. Scott still insists that I will one day try to water ski.
Have I told you the story about me and water skiing? The reason why I will NEVER strap two water skies to my feet again?
Picture this...
I'm 7 years old, in second grade and it is late summer/ early fall. Our friends had a red boat and for a fun family Saturday activity, they invited our family to join them on the lake. I don't remember if we went to Utah Lake or Deer Creek, but we went to the lake. I enjoyed my time on the boat with the wind blowing through my hair and the sun kissing my face. All of that came to a halt when my dad insisted I give water skiing a try. Kim could water ski, so he thought I should try it too.
Oh the things my parents insisted I do. (The other thing that has left me permanently scarred was when they required me to watch Amityville Horror - the TV version).
So, I remember being out in the cold water with my dad. The skies on my feet and Gary driving the boat. My dad yells to Gary to go- and he does. My legs are whipped apart and I crash. I cried and whined and climbed back into the boat. My hip was really hurting but as in any athletic family you just walk it off. I tried, but one leg was longer than the other- so I hobbled it off. We ended up going to see Dr Pratley the next week and found out I had pulled the muscle so badly that my leg was longer than the other. It took months and months to even out.
So, NO, I will not be trying water skiing. At least not in this life time.
Back to wake boarding. I did NOT get up. I did not come anywhere close to getting up. So that night, as Scott and I were settling into our nice warm bed, he pulled out his phone and started to show me instructional videos all about getting up on a wake board.
The instruction was awesome and I was able to picture myself getting up correctly. I've watched myself do it a number of times, in my mind.
Anyone else have anything to add about how to get up on a wake board? Believe me, I'm all ears. Oh, also, what do I do once I'm up?


Kat said...

whatever you are totally a pro now. well maybe not a pro, but you definitely get up. and you did rock your little jock of a sister on the surfboard. :)

Amy said...

You look GREAT! Even if you didn't get up! Yeah... a picture of Amy on her blog!!!!

Keep it up! I am sure you will get up soon enough and before long you will be posting even more pictures of yourself! :)