May 14, 2008

The Cousins and the Sandbox

I absolutely love taking pictures of the kids. I love watching their body language while they play independent of one another and their faces when the interact. On Sunday, while at mom and dad's for Mother's Day, the kids wanted to play in the sandbox. The top picture says so much about the 4 kids and their personalities.
Ivy is always busy with a purpose.
Luke plays and gathers peacefully by himself.
Jade gets in a gets dirty- in a dress or not.
Harrison watches the group and gives an account of what each child is doing.

Love the smile- even though the picture quality stunk. Low light without a flash. Oops.
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Kat said...

fun pictures, I'm glad you captured the spring sledding!

Lorelie Andrus said...

The first picture absolutely does reflect each of their personalities. They're all very good at being who they are AND they're all surprisingly consistent.

This picture is certainly worth a thousand words!