May 30, 2008

Home Teaching the Sanfords...

It's the end of the month- time for everyone to get their home teaching done. Wednesday night, Scott and Dave went and did their visits. Last night Tyler and Justin came by for our visit. Despite my messy house, we had a very enjoyable time being "home taught." This is what it looks like to come home teaching at the Sanford's home...
Notice his perfect form? Believe me, it came at a high price. The poor Wii was called many names by the time our fit friend had completed his 6 push-ups and side planks. As it turned out, Tyler's Wii Fit age was 43. Maybe he needs to add more protein to his diet.

About Justin's form, hmmm, let's talk. Okay, let's not. Just keep in mind, his Wii Fit age was 50! Oh goodness, what old friends we have.

After several reps, he was able to improve his form and managed to score higher than Tyler did with his "perfect" form.
Our apologies to their wives, Kim and Michelle, for keeping them out well past the kids bedtimes, but we HAD to be home taught.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I saw this on TV last week! Looks like fun!

Happy blogoversary!