May 4, 2008

Tepanyaki makes my girls smile...

Jade's favorite place to eat is Tepanyaki. She loves that they throw shrimp at her. Typically the cook does a fantastic job of hitting her right in the mouth. The one on Thursday night, didn't do such a smooth job. She got hit right below the eye! Mine, it went way over my head. (Which is fine by me, I don't really enjoy catching food in my mouth- okay, so maybe it is because I'm not good at it!)

Both girls love looking at the fish. I'm sure other patrons where rolling their eyes at us. But the fish keep them occupied and happy.

By the way, Ivy does a great job at Tepanyaki too. She loves the noodles and ate 1/3 of my order.
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Kat said...

We should go there sometime as a group...the boys would love to see the fish and why not make a bigger scene!?