May 20, 2008

How did you spend your Saturday?

This weekend we decided to divide and conquer.

Scott went down to the sand dunes with Mark, Cody and Mike. They had a fantastic time and NO ONE got hurt. They did have a quad that required some work, but handy Scott and Cody were able to take it apart and put it back together during lunch. It really is great to have such a handy husband.

Mom, Kat and the boys came over for some Slippery Slide, trampoline and blow-up pool action. The kids had a blast together and NO ONE got hurt.

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Kat said...

It'll be funny to compare these pictures with the ones we'll take at the end of the summer. My white boys' skin almost GLOWS! Thanks for such a fun day Saturday!

D. SKye Hodges said...

I'm probably out of the loop to some extent, but the way that you stress "NO ONE got hurt" makes me wonder what the normal modus operandi is for such activities ;) Glad to hear though. Scott is awesome, and as much as he is a handy husband to you, he's a handy friend to us. Take care!