May 22, 2008

Jade's Last Day of Preschool

Jade started preschool at Learning Dynamics this past fall. They have a very good program there and I'm thrilled with Jade's progression. She can read now and is doing pretty well with math too. It's fun to have her tell us stories about science and how things work. We are so proud of our little school girl.
On Tuesday she realized that today would be her last day of school. She was so crushed about it, that all day she was clingy and quiet. She's very sad about not seeing her friends anymore. - none of them will go to her kindergarten. She's also sad that they won't have circuses at her new school. (Today the teachers were dressed up as clowns).
Hopefully once she starts having fun this summer she won't feel quite as sad.
CONGRATS JADE on finishing preschool. We love you!

Jade and Mrs Haygood

Jade's Congratulations present
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Kat said...

Cute graduation present! She told me she LOVES purple, but she's kinda scared to go to kindergarten!