May 9, 2008

Final pictures from the Evening at Thanksgiving Point

I wanted to get a picture with everyone but me. So, everyone piled on the scale.
The kids love getting ice cream at the parlor after we go to the farms. For 25 cents it's a nice ending for a fun evening.
Harrison found these great benches. He decided to pull some funny faces for Kat, rather than showing us his adorable smile.
Ivy was a bit more cooperative but she wouldn't sit up tall.

Jade is a serious climber. She kept getting climbing up the bar. She wanted to go higher but we wouldn't let her. Funny monkey.
To finish up the night, both Ivy and Harrison wanted to hang high too. They both did and did a great job and everyone had a very fun evening.


Kat said...

Wow you got some great pictures! I'll have to come get 'em. Hope you don't mind I just posted a link to your blog since I have no pictures of my own.

Lorelie Andrus said...

Great documentation of a fun outing! Only one thing is missing... a picture of Amy!
How about a little addition?!
Thanks for capturing a delightful event.