June 1, 2009

V.I.B.E dance recital

As many of you know, I was once a dancer. No, I never was professional. I had an opportunity and turned it down in order to serve a mission for our church. But, I will always consider myself a dancer. I grew up in a leo and tights. My favorite shoes are my dance tennis shoes that mold perfectly to my foot. I love being on stage and I miss the lights. No, I never wanted to be in the spotlight- I was happy being part of a group. This past week, I learned that both of my daughters enjoy it as much as I did- maybe even more.

Their dance numbers were short and sweet. They both concentrated very hard and never forgot to smile. When they were done, they both said "I love dance". Actually, Ivy gushed about how awesome it was and how wonderful it was to be up on stage while we were in our seats watching her. She loved the lights, her costume, her dance and that the whole audience was there to watch her- at least in her mind. Jade simply stated that she loved dance and wanted to continue taking more classes and wants to audition for the performing group. (I'm not sure she really has the time, because she still says she loves gymnastics more and she's already doing 4 hours a week there and she wants to take piano).

This summer, both girls will continue taking at the VIBE and Ivy will start taking a Jackie Colledge. Jade will continue with 4 hours of gymnastics and 1/2 hour of karate. (I'd pull her from karate but they make you sign a 6 month or a year contract). Plus we'll add swim lessons to that and if anyone knows of a piano teacher near us, Jade is dying to start playing. She's already learned a couple of songs and made up one (which she can play for you over and over again).

Thanks, Cass, for letting me borrow your camera. It really made a huge difference being able to bump up that ISO.


Anonymous said...

Those outfits are darling! I am impressed! Getting excited to see you!

Lorelie Andrus said...

These photos are too cute for words! You certainly captured the spirit of the recital. I'm glad both girls had positive experiences with their performances. They look adorable and VERY serious about their dances!